Pet Odor Removal / Pet Stain Removal


For many dog and cat owners, pet odor removal from carpets is an unfortunate fact of life.  One of the most common problems with dog urine , cat urine and stain removal is a failure to completely clean the stain and the underlying surface. If pet stains are not completely cleaned and odors removed properly, then it can result in long term odors and smells that simply do not seem to go away. Additionally, some pets will continue to repeatedly use the same spot in a room if they can still smell an old stain. This can become a frustrating problem that will likely result in permanent damage to your carpeting and possibly the underlying floors.  Let Wee Clean remove the residue of cat and dog accidents from your carpet and rid your house of foul odors and stains. If you have a pet odor problem, call us right away so that we can make your carpet look and smell like new again! Learn more in the 11 step process for Pet Odor Removal.

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