Flood Damage Process

Flood Damage

Wee Clean has over 28 years of experience in cleaning carpets and  handling flood damage.  In that time, we  have refined our methods, practices, and processes for dealing with life’s little messes.  When you have flood damage you want to remove the flood-damagewater from the area and dry things out as quickly and as efficiently as possible.  Health concerns such as mold and mildew can become threatening to both your health and your sanity if these things are are left unchecked.

Wee Clean, Inc. is IICRC certified in water damage restoration.

Our 15-Step process for dealing with flood damage:

1. Pre-Inspection
2. Verify utilities are disconnected
3. Determine the water damage perimeter with sophisticated moisture readers
4. Extract water with high-tech equipment
5. Pull back the carpet
6. Replace pad if necessary
7. Determine if the water is clear, gray or black
8. If clear or gray we can usually save carpet. If flood damage is black water suggest carpet replacement
9. Spray deodorizer for mold
10. Check in crawl space for large amounts of water or mold
11. Bring in commercial flood blowers and dehumidifiers
12. Create a balanced drying system
13. Re-install carpet
14. Clean carpet to remove any water stains
15. Final Inspection